Pediatric Cardiac Specialists in Vellore 

While heart problems are often associated with adults, they can also affect children. 

Pediatric cardiac specialists in Vellore detect heart problems as it is crucial for early intervention and appropriate medical care. 

Cyanosis refers to a bluish discoloration of the skin, lips, or nail beds. It is a significant sign of reduced oxygen levels in the blood and can indicate heart problems for kids.


Kids with heart problems may exhibit rapid breathing or experience difficulty breathing, especially during exertion or while lying flat.

Rapid Breathing or Shortness of Breath 

Pie Chart

Heart problems can impact a child’s growth and development. This requires comprehensive care for the children’s heart care in Vellore. 

Poor Growth and Development 

Persistent fatigue and a lack of energy are common signs of heart problems for kids. They may appear tired, lethargic, or easily exhausted, even with minimal physical activity. 

Fatigue and Lack of Energy 

Although less common in children, chest pain or discomfort can still be a sign of heart problems. Children may describe chest pain as aching, pressure, or discomfort in the chest area. 

Chest Pain or Discomfort 

Heart murmurs are abnormal sounds heard during a heartbeat. While not all heart murmurs indicate a problem for pediatric cardiology services in Vellore, they can be an indication of an underlying heart condition. 

Heart Murmurs 

Fainting or dizziness can be a worrisome sign of heart problems in children. If a child frequently experiences unexplained fainting spells or dizziness, it may indicate inadequate blood flow to the brain.

Fainting or Dizziness 

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