Pregnancy and Heart Care in Vellore 

Pregnancy is a remarkable and life-altering phase in a woman’s journey. 

It is essential to prioritize heart care during pregnancy as hormonal and physiological changes can impact cardiovascular health. 

During pregnancy, several cardiovascular changes occur to meet the increased demands of the developing baby.

Common Cardiovascular Changes During Pregnancy 

Blood volume increases significantly during pregnancy to supply oxygen and nutrients to the growing fetus.

Increased Blood Volume 

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The heart pumps more blood per minute to meet the increased demands of pregnancy. Cardiac output increases by approximately 30-50% due to an increase in stroke volume and heart rate.

Increased Cardiac Output 

The heart rate increases during pregnancy to accommodate the increased workload. Resting heart rate may increase by 10-20 beats per minute.

Elevated Heart Rate 

Blood pressure tends to decrease during the first and second trimesters due to hormonal and vascular changes.  

Lower Blood Pressure 

The heart may undergo mild structural changes during pregnancy, including mild left ventricular hypertrophy and dilation of the heart chambers. 

Structural Changes 

Diagnosis and Evaluation: Our imaging cardiologist is skilled in interpreting imaging studies to accurately diagnose and evaluate cardiovascular conditions.

Role of our Cardiologist

Women with pre-existing heart conditions require special attention and management during pregnancy. Common pre-existing heart conditions that require pregnancy and heart care in Vellore.

Pre-existing Heart Conditions and Pregnancy 

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Women born with heart defects may require careful monitoring and management during pregnancy. The severity of the heart defect and its impact on heart function determine the level of risk.

Congenital Heart Disease 

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